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Allowing these Boxing Instructional Video’s to chisel you into looking like a seasoned fighter will be one person’s responsibility and one person only.

My work is complete. The rest is up to YOU.

These various punch combinations will look fluid and smooth “only” after you have practiced them repetitiously, relentlessly & religiously in front of a mirror. Follow along with me on your video screen for a week or so, maybe a bit more, before straying very far away from these boxing instructional sessions so you can shadow-box on your own. Get these moves down and let them flow through you with rhythmic motions.

Make these combinations your new habit, your new obsession.

As much as possible through the day, shadow-box in front of a mirror while analyzing & critiquing your style. Do not just shadow-box when you decide to train or work-out! Do It Continuously.


  • Boxer’s are not boxers only when they are in the gym.
  • This is who they are, daily.
  • Allow shadow-boxing to characterize who-you-are as an athlete.
  • Do it as much as you think about working out.

If possible, find a way to “video yourself” whilst performing the particular punches & punch combinations. Pay special attention to studying your style; improve on what’s lacking: (hand speed, full extension of your arms, head & foot movement), and erase what doesn’t belong.

Remember - in the mind of the boxer, it is imperative that the judges think we are better equipped and more skilled than our opponent. This is key. In turn, pay special emphasis on polishing up “form”, commandeering “style” & marshaling “skills” each time you shadow box!


Settle for nothing less than putting everything you have behind every punch and every punch combination thrown while training.

Expect nothing less from yourself.

Ricky Ray Taylor 





"I lived in NYC for 4 years and trained with Ricky for 3 of those years. Apart from being some of the hardest work-outs I have ever had - they were also some of the most enjoyable and rewarding. Ricky got the best out of me - not by yelling but by his positive attitude and willing me to push myself. Apart from getting fit I also learnt an enormous amount about boxing – I had no idea it was such a technical sport. Ricky is very pedantic about technique. This made it all the more enjoyable for me - learning so much about what is an amazing sport. He is a great teacher and trainer - I recommend him unreservedly." 

– Colin P.


"Ricky is an amazing trainer and I'm lucky to have connected with him. I had never boxed before, and being a petite, working woman with zero experience in the sport (I'm typically a runner), I didn't quite know what to expect. What I quickly realized is that it's about hard work and dedication. It's about building a new level of endurance you didn't know you had in you - and Ricky brings it out of you. The workouts/drills Ricky creates are challenging but extremely satisfying for those who want to keep in good shape. I usually train with Ricky for an hour at a time, about once a week, but wish it could be more. Ricky is so dedicated and passionate about teaching the sport of boxing, which makes learning that much more fun. He's also very careful to mind old injuries and keeping you healthy. After a few sessions with Ricky, my body was already transforming into something I could be really proud about - finally!" 

– Sara C.


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