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"THE #2 JAB" –  This jab has us leaning far and very low to the right while throwing in an upward motion to the opponent's head - in turn, in order to offer another tool for defense, while throwing this jab upward (since your body is so far, low and to the right), as a means of defense you may opt to "cross-cheeks" with the right hand and place it on your opposite cheek - this #2 jab is usually incorporated with a double or triple jab - all for the purpose of getting inside or negating a reach advantage the opponent may have - thus, this jab works well for a shorter boxer who is attempting to get close (or inside) of an opponent who has a much longer reach than them.

"THE #3 JAB" – This jab is also called a "fall-away jab" - it is usually thrown the first punch of a round to meet the opponent as each boxer exits their respective corners of the ring - lean far to the left and pick the front "knee" up, while falling in that particular direction which you lean (to the left) - throw your jab - Your body will naturally lean and fall precisely in the direction to where your front foot needs to land (which will be far outside of the opponent's shoulder) - this fall-away jab has a bit more weight behind it given the fact that there is a slight explosion off of the back leg into it as the punch is being thrown.